Management philosophy

Under a high ethical standard and a free and open-minded corporate culture,
we aim to become a company trusted by society at large by supporting and enriching people's daily lives.



ABENO HARUKAS is the tallest building in Japan, with the top of the structure reaching 300 meters above the ground. This skyscraper complex houses numerous facilities, including a station, department store, museum, offices, a hotel and an observatory. Floors from the 2nd-level basement to the 14th floor are occupied by Kintetsu Department Store, Main Store Abeno Harukas, which boasts the largest sales floor area in Japan. As a major terminal building, ABENO HARUKAS will not only help catalyze the future development of the Abeno-Tennoji area, but also evolve into a center for urban activities, culture and tourism in Osaka, and even in Japan.

Tennoji Park Entrance Area "Ten-Shiba"

GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2016 Gold Award received.

The Entrance Area of Tennoji Park, "Tenshiba," that we operate and manage in accordance with the agreement with Osaka City, has seen about 8.23 million total visitors during the two years since the renewal opening in October 2015. Also, the area has greatly exceeded the number of visitors before renewal. We have attracted a variety of eateries, Futsal courts and an award-winning child playground around the lawn square that is about 7,000 square meters. Overall, this has contributed to the improvement of the liveliness of the Abeno / Tennoji area.

Office building business

We undertake the office building business mainly in the Kansai region. We develop highly functional office buildings in prime business locations, by incorporating earthquake-resistant design, disaster-prevention functions, and advanced security systems. We make our office buildings function as landmarks of their respective areas, for example, by combining them with commercial facilities. We strive to provide a comfortable office environment for workers.

Commercial facility operation business

We develop and operate commercial facilities such as ABENO HARUKAS, Uehommachi YUFURA, and Paradis Gakuenmae, in good locations linked directly to stations or in front of stations, mainly along Kintetsu Railway lines. In developing a commercial facility, we first conduct detailed market research around the area in which we are planning to invest. Then, after analyzing the characteristics of the town and consumer needs and trends, we develop an architectural plan of the facility. We are committed to developing attractive commercial facilities that can serve as a transmission hub of culture and information through various activities--not only construction, but also tenant attraction and profitability improvement.

Condominium business

We have established an "integrated manufacturing and sales" system, and conduct all activities by ourselves--from site selection and acquisition to product planning, sales, quality management, and follow-up service after move-in. We have set up a dedicated team for product planning. The team also works in collaboration with manufacturers to develop original housing equipment. We have also introduced our own quality management system to ensure high construction quality and enhance after-sales service.

Laurel Mansion Series


Laurel is a brand name of Kintetsu Real Estate's luxury condominiums, expressing its proud commitment to ensuring a high-quality lifestyle in elegant and sophisticated residences.


We received the Good Design Award for five consecutive years.

Kintetsu Real Estate has received the Good Design Award, operated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, for five consecutive years since fiscal 2013. We will continue to vigorously pursue housing and town development and develop high-quality products with superior design, such as the "Laurel Mansion Series."

Detached housing business

Built-for-sale houses

We develop towns in a way that allows every resident to live comfortably with peace of mind for many years. We also apply this philosophy to housing development. We construct eco-friendly houses for sale in various areas along Kintetsu Railway lines, such as high-performance smart houses with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, and houses built with locally grown timber. We design and construct each house carefully, anticipating various customer needs and wishes and incorporating ingenious features that they will appreciate so that they can live comfortably and with convenience for many years to come.

Urban-style detached housing

In our urban-style detached housing business, by leveraging the extensive know-how we have accumulated in the large-scale new town development and condominium sales businesses, we develop and supply high-quality and high-class detached houses in various areas. In keeping with the philosophy of our Laurel brand, each house is thoughtfully designed to showcase its unique exterior characteristics and include many convenient features and amenities. Our urban-style detached homes also feature a variety of floor plans to suit every lifestyle. We thus add further value to your urban life.

Custom-built housing

"Air wood" is our original technology that satisfies at a high level the four elements essential to comfortable living--"heat insulation performance," "airtight performance," "24-hour planned ventilation," and "air conditioning"--by employing the external heat insulation method that wraps the entire house in insulating materials. This technology not only protects residents from heat and cold and prevents dew condensation, but also contributes to energy saving. Based on the Air wood technology, we have developed an "Air wood ZERO" house featuring wide free space and double insulation, in response to the Japanese government's target to make all newly built houses zero energy by 2020. We will continue to build houses in which residents can live healthy and comfortable lives far into the future.

Renovation business

Based on our proven track record and know-how cultivated through our long experience in housing development, we provide total remodeling solutions to create an ideal living space for our clients. From small kitchen and bathroom improvement to exterior wall repairs, extension and reconstruction, we propose the most appropriate plan for each client. And, we deliver high-quality and reliable services through our integrated management system throughout the project, from planning and design through to construction and follow-up service. We also help our clients enjoy comfortable and enriched lives through various remodeling services, including remodeling for protecting home and family, such as earthquake retrofitting and security improvements; remodeling for energy efficiency, such as the installation of photovoltaic systems; remodeling using natural materials; and universal-design remodeling. Our remodeling services are highly recognized by many customers.

Real estate brokerage/appraisal business

Real estate brokerage

By making full use of our brokerage network centering on the three largest urban areas in Japan, we offer seamless, smooth relocation services to our clients. With our rich knowledge and know-how, we respond speedily not only to individual customers, but also to corporate clients.

Real estate appraisal services

We provide comprehensive real estate solution services,
including appraisal and valuation, and investment and sales consulting.

Rental apartment business

By accurately anticipating customer needs that are changing over time, we operate and manage rental apartments with a focus on functionality and convenience. We offer various types of apartments, ranging from one-room flats to units for families, along Kintetsu Railway lines and in other conveniently located areas with good environments. We strive to provide safe and comfortable living spaces equipped with state-of-the-art housing equipment and security systems.

Real estate utilization business

By drawing on all the know-how and experience gained from many years of urban and housing development, we provide solutions that create maximum value in real estate. Working closely with clients through repeated meetings and discussions, we devise and propose appropriate strategies to ensure the most effective utilization of their assets, such as land and buildings. We also provide various other services to ensure optimum asset maintenance and utilization, including agency services and rental housing management support services.

Golf course business, etc.

Golf course business

Golf is a sport that not only promotes health and wellness, but also provides opportunities to meet and socialize with friends and new people. You can enjoy golf in many different ways. Kintetsu Real Estate operates five golf courses in Mie and Nara Prefectures, including Hana-Yoshino Country Club, in whose course design professional golfer Ayako Okamoto participated as an advisor, and Kintetsu Kashikojima Country Club, Japan's only golf course that has hosted official tournaments of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). All these golf courses are surrounded by beautiful nature, and are loved by many golfers for their supreme levels of customer service and hospitality.

Business underneath the elevated railway tracks

We add new attractive value to spaces underneath the elevated tracks of Kintetsu Railway lines, by transforming those spaces into commercial facilities, restaurants, stores, warehouses and parking lots.

Parking business

Aiming to create a safe and comfortable environment for people and cars in towns, we develop, operate and manage parking facilities around the stations along Kintetsu Railway lines.

Photovoltaic power generation business

We operate a total of six photovoltaic power generation plants, including Kintetsu Hana-Yoshino Solar Power Plant, which has been developed as a model project for emergency power supply systems. (As of March 31, 2018) Our advanced solar power facilities will supply electricity during an emergency, protecting the daily lives of communities.

Agricultural business

We have launched a new agriculture business. In our total artificial lighting plant factory, which has been constructed on our unused land in Oyodo-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture, we, in cooperation with Kindai University, cultivate pesticide-free vegetables and sell them to customers.

Daily life support

Under the Kintetsu "Raku-Genki" Seikatsu (comfortable and lively life) project, we have set up a call center to respond to consultations from customers free of charge, 365 days a year. In addition to providing various daily life support services in such categories as housing, housework, nursing care, childcare, hobbies & excursions, and safety & security, we provide consultations on residence relocation, renovations and land usage. Through various services, we help people living along Kintetsu Railway lines lead vibrant and cheerful lives.